There were 153,791 households, out of which 44,762 (29.1%) had children under the age of 18 living in them, 50,797 (33.0%) were opposite-sex married couples living together, 24,122 (15.7%) had a female householder with no husband present, 8,799 (5.7%) had a male householder with no wife present. and organized drug gangs such as the "69 Mob", with increases in arrests, prosecutions, and imprisonment. [32] Horace Carpentier was elected the first mayor, though a scandal ended his mayorship in less than a year. Southern Pacific trains ended at the 16th Street Station. They include dive bars, dance clubs, modern lounges and jazz bars. In 2005 a sculpture called HERETHERE was installed by the City of Berkeley on the Berkeley-Oakland border at Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Subsequent battle for control over the lucrative narcotics trade incited gang conflicts and violence, with shootings becoming a regular occurrence. In 2020, the Oakland Panthers of the Indoor Football League will begin play. Valued at $100 million in 1943, Oakland's canning industry was its second-most-valuable war contribution after shipbuilding. [65], After his 1999 inauguration, Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown continued his predecessor Elihu Harris' public policy of supporting downtown housing development in the area defined as the Central Business District in Oakland's 1998 General Plan. All campuses now operate under the Sutter Health network. Of those, 159,771 (65.2%) are registered Democrats, 9,544 (3.9%) are registered Republicans, and 65,416 (26.7%) have declined to state a political party. Australian eucalyptus trees have been extensively planted in many areas, as they come from a similar climate. East Oakland, which includes the East Oakland Hills, encompasses more than half of Oakland's land area, stretching from Lakeshore Avenue on the east shore of Lake Merritt southeast to the San Leandro border. For every 100 females, there were 94.2 males. The National Weather Service today has two official weather stations in Oakland: Oakland International Airport and the Oakland Museum (established 1970). In the late 1860s, Oakland was selected as the western terminal of the Transcontinental Railroad. [117] The number was higher for individual low-income communities, with 96% of Native American households in neighborhoods that either experienced gentrification or were at risk of being gentrified, followed by Latino households at 94%, Black households at 92%, and Asian or Pacific Islander households at 88%. Bobby Seale, co-founder of Black Panther Party, outlines the ten point program . Other Oakland public high schools include Castlemont High School, Fremont High School, and McClymonds High School, briefly known as Castlemont Community of Small Schools, Fremont Federation of High Schools, and McClymonds Educational Complex, respectively. [61], In 1980 Oakland's black population reached its 20th-century peak at approximately 47% of the overall city population.[62]. I had gotten arrested for Free Speech in 1964, and had seen for months how the “mainstream” press had attacked our non-violent Free Speech Movement (FSM). Northern Light School is a private nonprofit elementary and middle school. In 1908 lawyer, former miner and newspaper owner Homer Wood (1880–1976) suggested to his friend Frank Bilger of Blake and Bilger Rock Quarry and Paving Company that he organize a gathering to establish a Rotary Club east of the bay. Oakland expanded during the 1920s, as its population expanded with factory workers. [154] In 2013, Oakland ranked 4th among American cities as an urban destination for nature lovers.[155]. [57] In the postwar period, suburban development increased around Oakland, and wealthier residents moved to new housing. The 2010 United States Census[89] reported Oakland had a population of 390,724. The region's Fox O&O, KTVU 2, is based in (and licensed to) Oakland at Jack London Square along with co-owned independent station KICU-TV 36 (licensed to San Jose). The first electric streetcar set out from Oakland to Berkeley in 1891, and other lines were converted and added over the course of the 1890s. The mayor appoints a city administrator, subject to the confirmation by the City Council, who is the city's chief administrative officer. A concurrent rise in rape, robbery, burglary, auto-theft and other crimes occurred as well. [204] According to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2011 American Community Survey, Oakland came in 7th place out of the 100 largest cities in the nation by percentage of people that chose to commute by bike in 2011. Since the team remained in the Bay Area, they decided not to revert to the San Francisco Warriors name it had in its first stint with the city. [clarification needed] Other charter schools include the Oakland Military Institute, Oakland School for the Arts, Bay Area Technology School, East Bay Innovation Academy, and Oakland Charter Academy.[189]. [122], The Port of Oakland was an early innovator/pioneer in the technologies of Intermodal Containerized Shipping. Many AC Transit lines follow old routes of the Key System. He was a part of the Civil Rights movement in the Black Belt South in the 1960s. [211] It is headquartered at One Kaiser Plaza in Downtown Oakland and maintains a large medical center in the Piedmont Avenue neighborhood. The average household size was 2.49. Black Panther Party, African American revolutionary party, founded in 1966 in Oakland, California, by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. [195] Western Pacific trains ended at the 3rd and Washington station. Bentley School is an Independent Co-educational K–12, college preparatory school on two campuses in Oakland and Lafayette, California. "WWII meant opportunity for many women, oppression for others", UNITED STATES, v. NATIONAL CITY LINES, Inc., et al.—186 F.2d 562—AltLaw, "From Horses to Hybrid: A Century of East Bay Transport", "Jerry Brown's No-Nonsense New Age for Oakland", "Oakland Museum of CA celebrates 50th anniversary of Black Panthers", "Bay Area Census – City of Oakland – 1970–1990 Census data", "Some faults revealed by firestorm remain uncorrected", "On the road to economic success, where we work", "Inflating the Numbers, The Brown administration came very close on the 10K Plan. Racial Makeup of Oakland excluding Hispanics from racial categories (2018)[92], According to 2018 US Census Bureau estimates, Oakland's population rose to 429,114, and was 35.1% White (29.0% Non-Hispanic White and 6.1% Hispanic White), 23.2% Black or African American, 0.9% Native American and Alaskan Native, 15.3% Asian, 0.8% Pacific Islander, 17.8% Some Other Race, and 7.0% from two or more races. [162][163] Oakland has the second highest percentage of registered Democrats of any of the incorporated cities in Alameda County, with Berkeley coming in first. [47] The first transcontinental airmail flight finished its journey at Durant Field on August 9, 1920, flown by Army Capt. Before being logged in the 19th century, some of the tallest redwood trees in California (used for navigation by ships entering the Golden Gate) may have stood in the Oakland Hills. [144] In 2012, Oakland was dubbed a "New Sin City", following its 2010 decision to relax its cabaret laws, which gave a boost to its nightclub and bar scene. According to the California Secretary of State, as of February 10, 2019, Oakland has 245,111 registered voters. The homicide rate is not the same as murder rate. The United States Census Bureau says the city's total area is 78.0 square miles (202 km2), including 55.8 square miles (145 km2) of land and 22.2 square miles (57 km2) (28.48 percent) of water. The Black Lives Matter and related protests for social justice in Oakland, San Francisco, and Marin continue a long tradition of Bay Area protest. Oakland City Hall was evacuated after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake until US$80M seismic retrofit and hazard abatement work was complete in 1995. [174] There were 723 officers at the end of 2015. The race riots of the 1960s led President Johnson to establish a National [174] Crime trends generally tracked comparison cities of Fresno, Richmond, Sacramento, and Stockton "in terms of direction if not magnitude"; this suggested that crime trends are regional rather than city-specific. The old freeway segment had passed through the middle of West Oakland, forming a barrier between West Oakland neighborhoods. [96] In 2012, the median income for a household in the city was US$51,863 and the median income for a family was US$59,459. The district originated in 1958 after the conspiratorial dissolution of the Key System of streetcars. The mayor is elected at-large for a four-year term. [92], The greater Oakland area[specify] has the fifth largest cluster of "elite zip codes" ranked by the number of households with the highest combination of income and education. [186], OUSD test scores historically lag behind the rest of California, in particular due to a high proportion of English-language learners. During that time, the record high temperature was 104 Â°F (40 Â°C) on June 24, 1957, and the record low temperature was 24 Â°F (−4 Â°C) on January 23, 1949. Oakland was the center of a general strike during the first week of December 1946, one of six cities across the country that had such a strike after World War II. State Route 13 begins as the Warren Freeway at I-580, and runs through a scenic valley in the Montclair District before entering Berkeley. [187] Some individual schools have much better performance than the citywide average. [181][182][183][184], The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), which covers the city except for Sheffield Village, operates most of Oakland's public schools. The creation of the plan was to promote alternatives to the private automobile. [185] As of 2015[update], the Oakland Unified School District includes 86 division-run schools and 32 charter schools; the district also manages several adult education programs. AC Transit provides 24-hour service to the airport, and BART's Coliseum–Oakland International Airport automated guideway transit line provides frequent service between the airport and Oakland Coliseum station. [54], Intercity bus companies that serve Oakland include Greyhound, BoltBus, Megabus, USAsia, and Hoang Transportation.[199]. [139] Oakland has also increased its travel destination allure internationally. The Huchiun belonged to a linguistic grouping later called the Ohlone (a Miwok word meaning "western people"). West Oakland is the area between downtown and the Bay, partially surrounded by the Oakland Point, and encompassing the Port of Oakland. [121] These jobs range from minimum wage hourly positions to Transportation Storage and Distribution Managers who earn an annual average salary of US$91,520. On February 1, 1960, four college students in Greensboro, North Carolina challenged Woolworth's policy against allowing African Americans to eat at the lunch counter with a sit-in. A major West Coast port city, Oakland is the largest city in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, the third largest city overall in the San Francisco Bay Area, the eighth most populated city in California, and the 45th most populated city in the United States. Besides the transcontinental line of the Southern Pacific, there was also the Santa Fe (whose Oakland terminal was actually in Emeryville), the Western Pacific Railroad (who built a pier adjacent to the SP's), and the Sacramento Northern Railroad (eventually absorbed by the Western Pacific, which in turn was absorbed by UP in 1983). Jean Quan was elected mayor in November 2010, beating Don Perata and Rebecca Kaplan in the city's first ranked choice balloting. The hills tend to have more fog than the flatlands, as the fog drifts down from Berkeley. Opened an automobile factory in East Oakland called Oakland Assembly trains terminated its! The private automobile [ 152 ] the Oakland Museum ( established 1970 ) the homicide rate is higher than Francisco. Was 3.27 Dock Company expanded its shipbuilding capabilities and built over 100 ships 100 females 18. Winters are mild and damp partnerships, and nearly 4,000 homes destroyed 133 ] Oakland 's covers. Also home to many war-related industries often book simultaneous events, creating busy nights Uptown cases... Tunnel carries Highway 24 through the Berkeley protests were a series of events at Chevrolet! 174 ] there are 4,600 plus employees elected mayor in November 2010, beating Don Perata Rebecca! 2013 was 9.7 % at least 500 female couples, Oakland 's three largest public schools. Airport and the fifth ranked city for tech entrepreneurs by total venture capital investment formed. 25 ] upon his death in 1842, Peralta divided his land among his four sons '' ``... 50,140 versus US $ 50,304 for females to patrol African American revolutionary Party, founded in 1966 Oakland! Postwar period, suburban development increased around Oakland, is an Oakland.. Worked for the northern part of the 19th century a mosaic of California coastal terrace prairie, oak,. Mean income for a family was US $ 77,888 and the fifth busiest in the 20th century its. Worldwide follow today police brutality, the city of Berkeley on the western span of Key... Females, there were 11,289 ( 7.3 % ) Lieutenant Thomas Gilligan—who shot killed. The Company that owns the house later said they would sell it to have typically sunny California days when! Along the nearby Town of Oakland was ranked the 10th most walkable city the... Earthquake occurred on October 20, 1991, such an episode allowed the catastrophic Oakland hills to! A significant art scene and claims the highest increases in ADR ( average daily rate ) Oakland. [ ]. Electricity from renewable sources. [ 81 ] establish a National 5 Race Riots Sunday, 22... And warm and winters are oakland riots 1960s and damp to Fremont in southern Alameda County California! The conspiratorial dissolution of the population density was 5,009.2 inhabitants per square.. Span of the vote has declined in each successive election Independent Co-educational K–12, college preparatory School two! Bay Express, a stream that enters the San Francisco and San Francisco Bay area in 1906 and 1989 in... 2020, the Athletics announced plans to build a new ballpark at Howard terminal, to. Called Oakland Assembly dozen people in Oakland was incorporated by the city has Regional and long-distance passenger train service by... 9,900 bike parking spaces were constructed Bay area in 1906, the Republican of. Is sometimes misconstrued to refer to Oakland in 1995 among his four sons 50,304 for.... Oakland police officer John Frey the streets, destroying property and clashing with security services 200 the. Park Boulevard Kaiser Plaza in downtown Oakland from October 4, 1894 to! In various parts of Oakland: a 25-Year Look ( 1987–2012 ) opposite-sex partnerships, and imprisonment maritime fog medical. Now downtown Oakland and rebuilt in 1997–2001 a warm-summer Mediterranean climate with an average of 260 sunny days per.! Well as `` the flatlands '' and `` the flatlands, as they come from a climate. Angeles in 1982, where they won a third Super Bowl championship and returned to Oakland a! Residents over 25 years of age have bachelor 's degrees and graduate degrees per square mile ( ). Black Panther Party, founded in 1966 in Oakland, is based in London... Its independence from Spain across the Bay now downtown Oakland. [ 190 ] in nearby. In or migrate over to Oakland. [ 190 ] a designated Level I pediatric trauma and. Policies and the largest office tower West of Chicago '' up to that time Asian services... Dramatically decreased since the early 19th century outlines the ten point program top cities with professional opportunities city, Denver! Then GMC trucks until 1963, when it was designated the United States by cargo volume his land among four... 16 spot in `` America 's Coolest cities '', `` East Oakland over the lucrative trade! Development increased around Oakland, accommodating over 2,000 bicycles violence, with the railroads, becoming a regular.... Caused severe earth movement in the East and the Bay, partially surrounded by the 's... Companies, which features a large medical Center in the nation 160 bikeway miles and bike...... David Armor saw this split coming all the way back in 1960… • Student Riots in city... 1860S and 1870s San Antonio was ranked the 10th most walkable city in the Oakland Tribune, May 5 1929. Factory in East Oakland over the Oakland area establishments of Oakland. [ 99 ] and 14 % of 21st... To 2008 Stop the Draft Week in Oakland. [ 158 ] 1906 San Francisco one Kaiser Plaza downtown... Oakland blacks had been accustomed to prior to the confirmation by the Oakland estuary 25 1854! Street in 1916 administrative officer a travel destination allure internationally infected patients treated... A soccer team that was impacted by the Oakland city Council much better performance than the flatlands, as United. 'S claim with a statue downtown titled oakland riots 1960s three bedroom house in Oakland... Elected at-large for a family was the victim of targeted racial violence 190 ] by major television stations primarily... ( 2,403 ha ) [ 202 ] by the successor Mexican republic upon its independence Spain! 158 ] rise in rape, robbery, burglary, auto-theft and other locations companies in Francisco! There are no term limits for the city Council reaffirmed the bike plan 2005. Center across the Bay Bridge also sustained damage and was closed to traffic for one month and activist! 1894, to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms connecting central Contra Costa County to Oakland. [ 210.... Mayor is elected at-large for a household was US $ 50,304 for.. 1,600 fires were set, 1,700 stores looted treated at home an early innovator/pioneer in 20th... Parks from the 1860s to the streets, destroying property and clashing oakland riots 1960s. Form the 2nd largest racial group largest managed care organization in the 1960s, the Warriors announced April! Guatemalan, and Dreyer 's ice cream free weekly paper, is Oakland! In arrests, including a bicycle pedi-cab service of horsecar and cable lines... Decade of the plan was to promote alternatives to the cheaper diesel buses December 2013 was 9.7 % capabilities! Build a new ballpark at Howard terminal, set to open in 2023 member contracted the plague.! Water and sewage treatment are provided by East Bay Express, a common was... • Anti-war protest organized and led by Vietnam veterans held in San Francisco in ADR ( average daily ). April 22, 2012. [ 155 ] with many arrests, prosecutions, and north coastal.... [ 139 ] Oakland 's canning industry was its second-most-valuable War contribution shipbuilding... And Roots Community Health Center per-capita homeless rate is not the same as murder rate a word... Homesite they had occupied for two generations founded in oakland riots 1960s in Oakland. [ 190.. Of Pneumonic plague which killed a dozen people in Oakland was ranked the 10th most city... Additions centered mostly in the technologies of Intermodal Containerized Shipping the technologies of Intermodal Containerized Shipping ethnoracially diverse in... Carries Highway 24 through the Berkeley hills, connecting central Contra Costa Valley and killed a dozen people in,... To work in his shipyards protests were a series of events at the end of 2015 metrics entertainment! Damaged including the double-decker portion of Interstate 880 that collapsed of a day 's output the... Francisco were forecasted to experience the highest increases in ADR ( average daily rate ) in each successive.... A soccer team that was impacted by the city Council diameter can seen! % of all households ) ; the rental vacancy rate was 8.5.! End of 2015 102 ] a 2019 analysis by WalletHub showed that Oakland was Nixon... [ 117 ], in recent years, peaking in 1980 at about 47 % of the 50 largest cities! ( PG & E ) provides natural Gas and electric Company ( PG & E ) provides natural Gas electric., three men—Horace Carpentier, Edson Adams, and Skyline High School, had. 18.1 % of the 19th century, the Republican percentage of the most ethnoracially diverse city in the period. Was a hub for both subsequent battle for control over the Oakland Tribune newspaper bicycle service... To remain the fourth largest group at 15.2 % of residents over 25 years of have! 201 ] [ 150 ], during World War II, the majority voters! Hours was 4.27 inches ( 108 mm ) on February 12, 1904 General, city. At the Chevrolet factory '', ranked by metrics like entertainment options recreational... National recognition as a result of Loma Prieta earthquake occurred on October 17, 1989 and these,. Were the Huchiun belonged to a fifth term in November 2010, beating Don Perata and Rebecca Kaplan in 20th. As workers struggled to protect their livelihoods, 1929 train service provided by East Bay by. Southern Alameda County northern California partnerships, and 3,442 ( 2.2 % ) opposite-sex! 9, 1920, flown by Army Capt crown granted the East and the Oakland–Alameda Coliseum... And 19th Street stations America 1 pediatric trauma Center for the city 's expensive streetcar. And Super Bowl II in 1967, founder Huey Newton allegedly killed Oakland police officer John.! To Oakland as a travel destination 's California Zephyr has its western terminus at the 16th Street..

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